jueves, 13 de junio de 2013

Z Fish Report (6/13/13)

John Lorenz of Casa Bahia Tortuga in Puerto Vicente Gro.
with his fly caught sailfish 
Our summer pattern has settled in, with the 85° blue water just off the beach, and very decent fishing all around. Offshore the sailfish, striped marlin, and blue marlin are mostly being caught between the 8 to 10 miles marks off the beach. Most boats are averaging 2 to 3 sailfish a day, with there always being a shot at a blue or dorado.
Tommy Harris with one of 5 sailfish on the Gitana
Tommy Harris from Houston, Texas conventional gear fished with Santiago on the super panga Gitana for two days, tagging and releasing 5 sailfish and a 150 pound striped marlin in two days of fishing.  Tommy’s fly fishing partner, Inge Solberg of Houston also tagged and released two sailfish on the fly.
Inge with his fly caught sailfish
The inshore action is not showing the large numbers of roosterfish we usually expect in June, but they are huge. Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos had a large group from France here all last week, chartering 5 pangas. They all fished the inshore and averaged 2 to 3 roosters a day. The roosters averaged 40 pounds, with several each day estimated in the 50 and 60 pound class.
After Don Gallagher of California fished offshore and released
a sailfish with the fly rod with John Lorenz, they came up on
 a school of jack crevalle breaking just outside the  harbor
at Puerto Vicente Guerrero.

Plus, there is tonnage of black skipjack tuna breaking on bait 300 to 400 yard off the beach. I normally wouldn’t give much of a write-up about these hard fighters, but there is a huge amount of dorado mixed in with them. The school sized dorado are averaging 10 to 12 pounds. Once you have caught a couple of huge roosters, and then move off the beach a ways for several dorado, you will have had a great day.

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative) 

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  1. I will be down next week and hope the fishing holds up and las olas stay down!

  2. It might be your best experience of fishing. I haven't seen these kind of fish before.

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