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Z Fish Report (6/20/13)

Inge and Adan on the Gitana 
The 82° clean water is just off the beach, with the 85° blue water only 7 miles out. The fishing has improved over the last couple of weeks. Similar to last week, Offshore the sailfish, striped marlin, and blue marlin are mostly being caught between the 8 to 10 miles marks off the beach. However,most boats this week are averaging 3 to 4 sailfish a day.
Richard, Sue, and Francisco on the Gitana with 1 of 6
Early in the week, Inge Solberg of Houston, fishing with Santiago on the super panga Gitana released another two sailfish caught on the fly rod (he caught a couple the previous week also).
Sue with another. Note the yellow tag
Also, this last Tuesday, Richard Kurt and his wife Sue of Cleveland, Ohio fished with Santiago tagging and releasing 6 sailfish…which is a very respectable day.  Friends Edward Redmond and Joseph Cash, also from Cleveland, fished with Adan on the panga Gitana II, catching 3 sailfish.
Tessa Jackson with her 1st sail. She fished with John Lorenz
at Bahia de Tortuga in Puerto San Vicente Guerrero
The inshore action is best for the small dorado we have a short distance off the beach. They are 3 to 10 pounds, and providing a lot of action for spin rods and fly rods. Don Grantges of Arlington Texas, with brother Luis and wives Mary and Susan all fished a morning with Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos II. They took home more than enough for dinner after hooking about 24 with spin rods.

The next day they spent an afternoon out at Barra Potosi, and took their spin rods with them. They ended up catching lunch, which the restaurant cooked up for them, with lots of small sierras. Now, that is fresh fish.

Talking to Adolfo, we can’t figure out why the roosters and jack crevalle aren’t here in numbers as in the past. June should be the best month of the year for roosters. Adolfo feels we need more rain to open up the river mouths, and attract more bait to the beaches. This makes sense to me, because the fresh water carries a lot of nutrients, and starts the food chain. But, I also know we don’t want to start doing the rain dance, because June also has the ability to give you a whole lot more rain than you bargained for.

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative) 

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