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Z Fish Report (10/24/13)

After our late night rains, we get some incredible sunrises. Photo by
Russ Weaver as he headed out with Adolfo
Our big news this week was Hurricane Raymond, which came to within 85 miles of the port, was pointed right at us, and then stalled out. Once again we can thank the Sierra Madres behind us for keeping these pesky named storms off our beaches. For more information about how the Sierra Madres help us, please review the link to the article I wrote:

All we got out of the category III Hurricane Raymond was three days of port closures and 3 days of a steady light rain, with absolutely no wind. Even though the rain was steady 24 hours a day, we only got a total of 5 inches out of it. So, we got real lucky again.

This last Sunday, John Lorenz of the Bahia de Tortuga Fishing Lodge in Puerto Vicente Guerrero, had Larry and Karissa Shields and Allen and Sandy Shields from Las Vegas fishing on two boats for a combined total of 4 sailfish and 12 dorado. Then the rains set in that afternoon and cut their 3 day fishing trip short.
John Lorenz (left) with Don Gallaher from Orange County CA
with one of two roosters at Puerto Vicente Guerrero 
Today (Thursday) was the first chance for us to get back on the water, so it was a complete unknown of what was happening out there. Were the inshore beaches discolored due to the rain? Had the blue water moved out? Were the current lines still there holding the debris washed out of the rivers? Fortunately, when I went to the Municipal Pier this morning before 6:00, I found out two of the best captains we have here had clients and would be able to let us know what was going on.
Tamera with Adan on the super panga Gitana with Santiago
Offshore, Santiago on the super panga Gitana, fished with clients Tamera McCurly of Minn. and her fishing partner Julie of Utah. They got 2 decent dorado and 1 sailfish released. Santiago told me the 84° water was clean at about 12 miles and blue at 15. Their fish came around the 14 mile mark.
Russell Weaver with a typical rooster of 10 caught on Thursday 
The inshore was tested well today by Adolfo on the panga Dos Hermanos. His client was annual visitor Russ Weaver out of Corvallis OR. They found the clean water below Valentin (pronounced Baal-en–teen), and slayed the roosters. Even though the roosters were not huge, 10 roosterfish for a day is a good day anywhere. Plus, they also accounted for 15 black skipjack tuna (which are equivalent to the popular sport fish false albacore on the East coast of the U.S.)
Adolfo took this photo of Russ with the release. Adolfo is going to have to
learn to not cut the heads off his clients.
The one thing which stung me, because I do not have a fly fishing client for several days yet, is Adolfo said the roosters were coming to the boat in groups of 4 or 5. He said it was the most ideal fly fishing situation he had ever experienced.

 Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative) 
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