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Z Fish Report (10/31/13)

Note the tag. Keith Paul, with Adolfo holding, and Adolfo Jr. hooked to another rooster.
The roosterfish action has exploded!
Look at this beautiful sailfish!
Bob Trotter with friend and deck hand Francisco on the super panga Gitana
with Santiago at the helm. They got 3 sailfish and a 25 lb dorado 
Offshore, the sailfish action has heated up again, but it is getting to be that time of the year, and we look forward to good fishing for the next few months. There are still lots of dorado out there, but they have moved out a ways. I was talking to former sport fishing Vamonos I captain, Ruben Lara, who is now a commercial pangero and forced over to the dark side because of the lack of tourism. He told me he got about 200 kilos of 8 to 10 kilo dorado and a 100 kilo blue marlin at 30 miles.
Rich Carbajal of CA fished on the 35 foot Cabo owned by Notario # 4 Martin
Medina, catching 3 sailfish and a 20 pound dorado (at 20 miles out)
But, coming back in a bit closer, Michael Smith of New York fished the 18 mile mark with Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos II, getting 6 strikes and releasing 3 sailfish.
Keith Paul wondering what to do with a double on 25 to 30 pound roosters
The inshore has really taken off as far as the roosterfish action. It is strange because they are all cookie cutter sized between 25 and 30 pounds. What is even better is Keith brought down the tags I ordered and we have gotten about 15 tags into fish, which normally would have just been released. This way we are going to get some feedback in the future.

The week started out with Adolfo, who is the vice–president of the Roosterfish Foundation, taking Russ Weaver from Corvallis, OR down to the Petatlan area, and below Valentin (pronounced bal en teen). They got 10 (as report in last week’s fish report). Russ fished again on Sunday with Adolfo, only tagging and releasing 1 rooster, but had a whole lot of other fish including jack crevalle, black skipjacks, and sierras.  The water had turned murky on them due to a hard rain the night before. Adolfo did not give up on the area because he knew the fish were there.
Adolfo and Adolfo Jr with Russ's first tagged rooster
Then Keith Paul and I fished with Adolfo and his son (Jr.), tagging and releasing 4 roosters and breaking off two. We left the fish biting, because we were flat out wiped out. We had 6 roosters hooked in less than 50 minutes. They were on both sides of the boat, and eating small flying fish. It was about as exciting as it gets.
Keith's rooster exploding on a live bait
And here it is close to the boat
Tuesday, Cheva went down there with Michael Smith, and the fly rods. Cheva teased 8 to the boat, and Michael hooked two, but they came unbuttoned. They finally ended up tagging and releasing one on live bait.

Wednesday, Adolfo went back down with Andre Padovani of British Columbia, catching 11 roosters and tagging and releasing 9.

Then Tamara McCurley emailed me with this:
Santiago and Adan took me to find roosterfish. We caught 2 roosters, 2 dorado, 2 bonita and a needle fish. Very cool guys.
This is what we are up against trying to find clean water for roosters.
Note the current is strong and takes the muddy fresh water coming out of the river
 to the left, and we get fish on the right,until we get to the dirty water of the next river,
and have to get past it again  
Now I need a day off to record the tagged information and keep things going and up to date with the Roosterfish Foundation.
Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative) 
We now have PayPal for the Roosterfish Foundation!

Launching the Roosterfish Foundation (roosterfish.org)


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