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Z Fish Report (11/7/13)

Oh Wow!

Offshore – The good ‘ol days are back! Here it is only early November, with the best sailfish runs yet to come in January, and the fishing is excellent. What a difference when the government finally stepped in and put a serious hurt to the illegal panga long line operations. From here to Manzanillo, the fish no longer have to run a gauntlet on their historical migratory path, and are now available again to catch and release sport anglers.
One of John Wilkinson's sailfish
Here are some notable catches: 1) Long time visitors John Wilkinson and fishing partner Jim Heikkinen of Michigan fished with Santiago on the super panga Gitana 4 days for a total of 9 dorado, 1 blue marlin, and 16 sailfish. Most of the dorado came from fishing a well-defined color break on their first day of fishing this week.  The irony of the blue marlin, which was released and over 300 pounds, is it was also caught on the first day of fishing. On the last day of fishing last May, John had caught another. So, even though they are months apart, he caught two marlin in two consecutive days of fishing.
John Wilkinson with one of several nice dorado he got.
2) Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II fished 2 days (Tuesday and Wednesday) with his clients from France for 10 sailfish and 2 dorado. They will be fishing with Cheva for 12 days straight. It will be interesting to see the totals next week.

3) On the panga Dos Hermanos, Jesus (pronounced Hay-zuess) and Adolfo Jr. fished with Justin Kumagai of Vancouver Island, BC for 7 strikes and hookups on sailfish on Wednesday, and getting 4 to the boat.

And, it just keeps going. There are a lot of fish right now, and a few anglers are showing up to take advantage.
Keith Paul with us down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero (note the tag)
The inshore, after such a great week last week, really slowed down at the beginning of this week. Once again, after a couple of hard rains, we were scratching to find clean water for the roosterfish along the beaches. Then, the offshore blue water current picked up a lot of velocity, or changed directions a bit, because it sure cleaned up the water in just a couple of hours. 
John Wilkinson's rooster with Abel about to make the release, and Adolfo Jr.
casting for another
John Wilkinson was down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero with me and Adolfo Jr. We were looking for clean water in the morning, and on the way back a few hours later, what had been brown and ugly was now clean. We only ended up with one nice rooster, but this will improve even this week.

And Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, made the first run of the late season up to the Ranch, finding clean water and lots of fish. They got roosters, sierras, chulas, and jack crevalle. Normally the Ranch is a great producer for us in November.
Justin, with one of the 7 cookie cutter sized rooters, with Abel looking on.
Even though the comb was down, when put in the water, the rooster took
of like a shot. We did not have to revive a single rooster, and all were tagged.
Justin Kumagai went down to Puerto Vicente Guerrero on Thursday with me and Adolfo Jr. And, as I had predicted, the conditions changed to the good, dramatically. We hooked 7 roosters and a decent jack crevalle. The roosters were still in the cookie cutter 25 to 30 pound size, which gives me hope for a bunch of huge roosters a couple of years down the road. Keith, you should have been there today and should not have gotten on that plane this last Saturday. I would have put you to the bottom of the boat…whimpering to go home…LOL 

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)
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