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Z Fish Report (5/22/14)Jordans

 Adolfo with Liam Hodge of Oregon with his first rooster.
The 84° blue water is still just about 4 miles off the beach, but out around the 1,000 fathom line (30 miles) surface temperatures are approaching 88 degrees, which is just too warm. I am really confused about this, because there is no El Niño.
With Adolfo Jr looking on, 105 pound Whitney is showing how
to put the hurt on a big eye jack
Again, there are very few tourists here, and fewer yet are chartering fishing boats. Only 5 to 8 boats, which are mostly pangas, are fishing each day.
Whitney and Jordan with a double on roosters
The Offshore – Coming out of the full moon period, the sailfish action should start picking up. But, so far it is still only a 1 fish day of caught fish, and maybe two or three raised fish.

The yellowfin tuna have also disappeared. While typing this report, a commercial pangero is in my house (the husband of my wife’s niece) and he went 60 miles on Wednesday (yesterday) and got blanked.
Whitney with her first large big
eye jack 
Once again, for several weeks in a row, the inshore is still the best bet. We are getting very good quantities of sierras, black skipjack tuna, and small dorado. And the roosters have come back. This will be our principle target until after Christmas of this year.
And it keeps going
Marty Matousek, from Texas, started it out on Monday fishing with Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos II. He caught two huge roosters, dorado, sierras and other inshore species. This is what he emailed me: This week we caught roosterfish, dorado, black skipjack, Spanish mackerel (sierras), jack crevalle, needle fish, and a personal best on sailfish.  Add to that, a special coastal beach fishing/ tour by Ed. We went from Zihuatanejo to Vicente Guerrero. And stopping in Barra Potosi for lunch at one of the palapa restaurants, Ed introduced me to the refreshing Michaladas with ice, beer, lime and Clamato. You must realize that all this happened this week. Ooooops, My wife just said it’s only Thursday so there could be more.
and going
On Wednesday, the action continued with Jordan Credeur of Louisiana, with his fiancée Whitney White. We fished down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero for a couple of decent sized roosterfish (losing a couple of really big ones in the 50 pound class) and getting 5 different species. We had a great day.
It is almost as big as she is
Adolfo had engine problems on the panga Dos Hermanos, so had to pass fly fishing client Ben Furimsky, director of the fly fishing shows in the States, to Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos II. They brought 15 roosters to the boat and lost the large one hooked right at the boat.  He also got several nice dorado, jacks, and a few black skipjack.

Also, when I posed the question of how I have converted many a blue water fan to the inshore, and what was his feelings about the difference between the two,  Marty Matousek emailed me this very appropriate answer: The inshore fishing is the true treasure of Z.  I never dreamt it was here and I don’t think I would have come here to do it if somebody had tried to sell me on it.  Inshore fishing just doesn’t have the Magic that is created like a picture of a leaping sailfish. But having done both, there is no experience that beats the inshore fishing. 

Inshore fishing goes on and on and on until your arms fall off. And all on light line gear.  The excitement of seeing a school of black skipjack, jack crevalle, or dorado on the surface chasing bait is a thrill of its own.  Watching the captain slide the boat in close enough to cast gets the juices really going. You cast your lure into the middle of the frenzy and before you can close the bail on your spin reel, you watch your lure pop back high in the air from a strike. You crank feverishly to get out the slack when the lure gets hit again and then AGAIN. Finally you get a good solid hook set and you find yourself helpless as your line screams off the reel. You take line, the fish takes line and the fight is on. As both of you tire, you work the fish to the boat and lift your prize. You quickly look for your school of fish and it’s gone.  But, there is another and it’s only 20 yards to the East. Check for nicks on the leader, check your reel and as your Captain slides your boat into position again, you cast and it repeats for as long as you choose to fight these incredible fish. 

Offshore, with huge and heavy gear, a sailfish charter is successful if you had a six hour forty minute boat ride with a 20 minute fight.  An inshore trip is six hours of non-stop adrenalin rush on spin rods, with 30 minutes each way to the fishing area.

 This is just one man, and his wife’s opinion, after we have been fishing over 65 years.
Jordan's rooster
I only have one more comment, and it is not about the fishing here. Yesterday, a captain in La Paz recovered a tag from a fish that was tagged three weeks ago. This is a huge milestone for the Roosterfish Foundation. It is the first tagged fish with a recovered tag.
Whitney with a jack crevalle and her 5th
specie of the day

 Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)    
We now have PayPal for the Roosterfish Foundation!

Launching the Roosterfish Foundation (roosterfish.org)

Shown above is the logo for the wallet sized laminated card for membership in the Roosterfish Foundation. Please contact me at roosterfishfoundation@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a member. 

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