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Z Fish Report (5/29/14)

Whitney with her sailfish, and about to be released
The 84° blue water remains unchanged at 4 miles off the beach.

The Offshore – As predicted, the sailfish action has picked up to where most boats are raising 8 to 10 fish a day to the spread and hooking about 3 to 4 average. And, several blue marlin have been hooked this week.

 Jordan Credeur and Whitney White, of Louisiana started the week off fishing with Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos II. They released one sailfish and also caught a 300 pound blue marlin. This was their first vacation here and their second day of fishing. The first fishing day they went with me down with me and did well in Puerto Vicente Guerrero (see last week’s report).

The next day, long time visitor Bruce Lippman and his son fished with Cheva for 8 raised sailfish and 4 releases.

Also, Kevin Ross of San Clemente, CA fished with Temo on the panga Sequestra Amor. This is what he had to say about his day offshore: Fished approx. 10 miles straight out with my normal 12lb and 15lb conventional sailfish tackle, trolling dead rigged baits. Saw a couple free jumpers that confirmed we were in the right spot. Between 8am and 9:30am we had a single strike, followed by a triple hook-up (a classic Chinese fire drill to keep three jumping sailfish separated).  We were able to release 2. Then followed by a double strike, releasing one. Then two more separate single strikes. At ~ 10:30am another violent single strike on the left outrigger bait.  I set the hook and the fish came high out of the water - a nice blue marlin. He took off on a blistering run and subsequently the 12lb mono parted. A real adrenalin rush for a few moments. Performance for the day not so good: raised 9 fish and released 3, but a very enjoyable day on the water with huge schools of porpoise around us in the early afternoon.

“Performance for the day not so good:”  Huh? You can tell Kevin fishes here a lot and has become spoiled. With 3 sailfish released on 12 and 15 pound gear, lots of excitement in between, and a hooked blue, most people would have died and gone to heaven.

Mike Garrett and Bruce Petray from Arkansas fished a day on the Bloody Hook with Chiro. They released 3 sailfish.
With Anibal assisting, Cynthia's 1st rooster
The inshore was a bit tough for a few days this week due to the hurricane sitting a few hundred miles out. We didn’t get any of the wind and only light rain, but the waves were high and dangerous. We are still getting good quantities of sierras, black skipjack tuna, and small dorado, and lots of shots at roosters.

Mike Garret and Bruce Petrey fly fished with Adolfo Jr. and me down at Puerto Vicente. We did well raising fish on a sea mount about a mile off the beach and did not have to contend with the waves. We raised roosters, large big eye jacks and even a large dorado, but the catching part was a bit on the tough side. The one very large fish Bruce hooked on his 10 weight was cut off by a needlefish going for the fly on the outside corner of the mouth. The knot was cut clean.

And, Kevin also fished a day inshore with Temo and Cheva’s son, Anibal (A-knee-bal). This was what Kevin had to say: Took my wife Cynthia for the first time (I've been fishing Zihuat since 1984, this was the first time she wanted to join me for rooster fishing).  See photo.  She is hooked now (pun intended). She got the hang of my 15lb, 8ft spinning rigs very quickly.  Casting and retrieving with ease, listening closely to instruction from Temo, and ended up out-fishing me with several large black skipjack, one nice rooster which we released after a quick photo (she also lost another much larger one after 15 minutes of cranking), several large needle fish, and a dorado on the way back to the pier (which we cooked for dinner that night).

I caught/released one ~35lb rooster, from a cast into the middle of an impressive rooster boil (we were straight out from the radio tower on the backside of the swell).  I wish I had gotten video of the boil; like a washing machine with bait and roosters coming out of the water - quite a show.  Interesting foot note: Anibal made several casts with the traditional white & red popper right into the middle of the chaos and never got a strike.  I was using a 7" brite orange popper with a black back and got hit on the first cast.  Cynthia's rooster came from a live bait that we tossed out immediately after I was hooked up. All in all, we had a great day.
Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)
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