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Z Fish Report (6/5/14)

The blue water is 6 to 7 miles off the beach, with 87 to 88 degree surface temperatures all up and down the coast.   
Dave Rhoades with 1 of 3 small sails he caught with Cheva
The Offshore – The sailfish action is seeing an average of two to three sailfish per boat caught each day, but they all seem to be small. I am thinking this is a whole separate body of fish passing through, and kind of like the mini run of sailfish we get in mid-July. This separate body of fish could be here due to the presence of unseasonable high water temperatures, bringing them closer to shore this year.
Alice and Dave Rhoades with Adolfo
Abel Wit Lee's first tagged and released rooster
The higher water temperatures inshore have been having an opposite affect for the roosters. They love the warm water. The roosterfish are scattered all up and down the coast, and with the high waves of last week calming a bit, we are getting a lot of them.
Lee with his second
We started the week off by going down to Puerto Vicente with Lee Morris, catching a couple of nice roosters and a decent big eye jack. But, a pod of false killer whales moved in on to the same beach we were fishing. They were after the same jack crevalle and roosterfish we were after. Needless to say the fish took off; putting a stop to what could have been an incredible day on the water.

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative) 

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