jueves, 26 de junio de 2014

Z Fish Report (6/26/14)

The blue water has been out about 6 miles and following the 100 fathom curve, but our torrential rains yesterday (6 inches in 4 hours), has probably pushed the blue water out a bit. The blue water current is strong right now, and should have our conditions back to normal in a few days.
The coast line surface temperatures are averaging about 84 degrees, with a 2 degree break at the 30 mile mark, dropping down to 82 degrees.

Offshore is still not doing all that well. We are only averaging about 3 raised sailfish a day, with one or two hookups per boat. However, we are also soon expecting the mini-migration of sailfish to come through here, like they do every July.

Inshore is the best bet for action right now, especially for the light line spin fisherman or fly rod angler. We are getting a lot of roosterfish and jack crevalle. How many is a lot? Fishing every day this week, other than yesterday with the heavy rain, Adolfo on the panga Dos Hermanos is averaging 10 to 12 roosterfish a day. Most of the roosters are in the teens and low twenties, but there are also a few 35 to 40 pound fish in each daily count.

We are also getting quite a few school sized dorado (up to about 3 feet long) only a few hundred yards off the beach. Sometimes they are mixed in with the breaking black skipjack, or just feeding on the surface, with the birds giving away the location. We should see more action on dorado once they identify with the logs and debris pushed out of the rivers from yesterday’s storm.
And for the roosters and dorado alike, with this many smaller sized fish staying over here in the summer months, and just getting bigger, speaks well for the future.

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)


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