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Z Fish Report (11/20/14)Gord also got this

Want to know about this wahoo Gord Roberts is holding?...Read below
The rain went away, the moon phase is excellent, and the fishing has turned on. The blue water is in close again and a warm 84° average.

The offshore action is mostly about the 15 to 40 pound dorado, with catches of 4 to 5 fish a boat not being unreasonable. In fact several boats have done this all this last week.
Gord Roberts also got several dorado fishing with
Noe on the panga Poorpy
And sailfish are also coming back, with several boats scoring 3 to 5 sailfish hooked, with many more raised to the spread, and multiple hookups on dorado.
This last Friday Noe told Gord the full moon is past and it will
be difficult for barracuda. They scored on a couple anyway. 
The inshore is starting to come back with a rooster or two being taken, and some decent sized jack crevalle.

Whew, two wahoo, a dorado (2 lost), and a sierra at the White Rocks
The best captain of the week was Noe on the panga Porpy. I have been advocating him for several years now, but only Gord Roberts of Canada has given me any photos or reports, and he is the one who dialed me on to the fact Noe is a Hell of a good fisherman. I talk to Noe whenever we see each other, but he downplays his catches, and just says “fishing is good”…no more.  Check out the week they have been having in the photos (with Gord only fishing every other day).

Ed Kunze                                                                          
                               (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)



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