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Z Fish Report (11/27/14)

Mike Garret with one of many aboard the Aqua Azul
Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. anglers! I’m having a smoked turkey, which just needs to be warmed in the oven about 45 minutes. I have been eating dorado a lot this past two weeks, so turkey, cranberry sauce, and giblet gravy will be a great change of pace.

Bruce Petry aboard the Aqua Azul
The blue water is still in close and, from the Terrifin Surface Temperature satellite, warm 84° average surface water extends from the beach and on out to past 65 miles..

Rod Cantrell just had the cast removed from his arm. We had to do some
innovative thinking with harnesses and fighting belts so he could pull on his fish.
The offshore action report remains unchanged with mostly 15 to 40 pound dorado, with catches of 4 to 5 fish a boat not being unreasonable. And, the sailfish are starting to show a bit better.

Mike Garrett, Bruce Petry, and Rod Contrell of Arkansas all fished two days with Mecate on the cruiser Aqua Azul. They pretty much had action going all day long for both trips. The first day they released a sailfish and got 5 large dorado. The second day was 5 sailfish and 2 dorado.

Rod, with Martin on the panga Spuma, with a huge needle fish
The inshore is showing sierras, medium sized jack crevalle, but the roosters still haven’t made it down from up north yet. However, we are getting a few roosters, but not much else, down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero.
Ed Kunze                                                                          
                               (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)



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