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Z Fish Report (12/4/14)

With the blue 84° water just off the beach, the offshore action started picking up yesterday (Wednesday), but the clear inshore water has made it tough for the inshore fishing.

The offshore action slowed down early in the week, with only 1 or 2 sailfish per boat average, and few dorado. Then yesterday it started picking up again and confirmed by today’s catches. The dorado are still scarce, but from about 5 raised fish average per boat, they are hooking 2 or 3 sailfish each a day. And, a couple of blue marlin were caught this week.

This photo is from a new Roosterfish Foundation member in Puerto Escondido.
Oaxaca. It is so  good, I wanted to post it here to show you what we are after.
(in case you forgot)
The inshore is showing sierras and medium sized jack crevalle, but the roosters are very tough to find. The gin clear water along the beaches just makes it too tough to attract them.  
After a trip to Vicente Guerrero today (getting only a 10 pound jack crevalle), for fishing inshore 
I think the only smart guy on the whole coast is Mark Dennison, who owns beach front property in La Barrita. In all fairness, La Barrita is probably the best shore fishing area on the Costa Grande. He lives there, and has an extra room rental for fishermen.

Mark, with one of his sierras from the beach
He doesn't spend extra gas to get to further good fishing spots, he doesn't rent a panga, nor does he have to get up at 4 in the morning. In the afternoons, he just sits there with a cold one in his hands, watching for birds, bait, and a bite to develop. Knowing there will be another cold one when he gets back, but the bite may not last long, he takes his spin rod out of the PVC holder, and walks all of 30 steps down to the beach and starts casting (and I spent 3 hours on the road today, plus the gas to get there and back, the panga rental, and didn't get a cold one until I got home 12 hours later).

In a couple of hours he has caught 5 jack crevalle (medium), 5 sierras (for dinner), and a small 5 pound rooster (released). That, my friends, is good living.
Ed Kunze                                                                          

                               (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)

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