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Z Fish Report (12/10/14)

The blue 84° water is basically on the Beach…(See the Terrafin satellite photo below). The only discolored water is from the Rio Balsas releases up at Lazaro Cardenas. 

The offshore action has been picking up, and then the full moon hit us. But, surprisingly the sailfish per boat count has remained about 2-3 hooked sailfish a day, which is decent fishing. All the captains are excited about the good fishing, knowing it will only get better as the full moon wanes.

Fishing with Martin on the panga Spuma on Tuesday, with fly fishing clients Bryan and Scott McCowen of Orange County, California, we only raised two sailfish, of which one came to the boat, but refused the fly three times ( and only 15 feet from the boat).  And, we had a blue marlin completely swallow my favorite $40 teaser lure. As I had explained to Bryan about a half an hour earlier, “when fly fishing I really hate big blue marlin. Because they come up, make a huge swipe like a monster vacuum cleaner, and you always lose your favorite lure”.  But this time, the dam### fish at least had the decency to cut the 40 pound line just above the $7.00 swivel, without spooling the reel. $47 was gone in about 5 seconds.

 After that happened, Bryan told me I am the only fisherman he knows who does not like blue marlin, but at least he now understands why. (It is very important I run very short 18 inch leaders, in order to pop the hookless teaser lure into the boat easier when fly fishing for sailfish, but it can be cut off by a big blue when they swallow the whole thing). … I can only hope they get a bad case of indigestion.

Had we been trolling with hooks, instead of teasers for fly fishing, we would have had 1 sailfish for sure, and a blue. Which would have been a decent day…. anywhere.

The inshore is still leaning on “just forget the boats and fish the beach”. But the trick is you have to be at the right place and at the right time. Adolfo and Cheva, on the Dos Hermanos pangas, did make the long run up to the Ranch, trying to intercept the roosters which should be coming down soon. And they did score on one rooster each, but it was mostly a lot of action on big sierras. They have also had a couple of jack crevalle.

Martin's son, Ulysses was our deckhand and is about to make the release.
Note the tag 
And, I fished with Bryan and Scott down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero on Monday. We scored on a 20 pound jack crevalle, and a nice 10 pound rooster, which we tagged and released.

But, how can you explain when Bryan and Scott, after fishing with me all day in a boat, go back to the hotel at Barra Potosi, barely having time to chug down a cold one, and huge jack crevalle explode right in front of their room? Scott hooked 4 on spin gear and the hand lining locals, picking up the live bait pushed up on the sand from the feeding frenzy, got between 20 and 30. It was absolute mayhem and nonstop action for over an hour. I chewed them out for not getting them on the fly rod, and they told me they didn’t have time to rig up, and then he was hooked into fish until the bite was over.

Plus, after they had arrived from the airport to the hotel on Sunday, the bite went off almost before they had unpacked. They got their first nice jack before they had been here an hour. See what a guide or a panga captain is up against? “I just think I will go back to my hotel and catch more fish in an afternoon than we will get all day on a boat”…Ouch. 
Ed Kunze                                                                          

                               (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)


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