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Z Fish Report (1/15/15)

Well, it is January again and offshore means sailfish. And, it has been picking up. I was on the pier early Wednesday morning and talked to Jaime on the 38 foot Bertram cruiser Orion, Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos II, and a few others. Jaime seems to have the fish dialed in with 7 sailfish and 2 large dorado on Tuesday, and 9 sailfish and another dorado on Monday. Cheva has been doing about the normal for the week with 7 sailfish in three days of fishing, and two large dorado. Going into the new moon period, the upcoming next two weeks should be the best two weeks of the year.
Chris Musgjerd emailed me as to the best
sailfish and marlin lures here. After a few
emails he sent me this photo of what he bought.

On Thursday I was talking to a great bunch of 8 Canadians from Vancouver Island. I was down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero shore fish and checking things out. They were sucking down a few beers and really content on their day off from fishing out of the Bahia Tortuga Lodge there. They had just completed 3 days of fishing (4 boats), getting 27 sailfish and 6 dorado with many more lost fish of both species. They are pumped up for fishing inshore tomorrow (Friday) for roosters, and I went over a few tips with them.
There have been quite a few blue marlin hooked this week. It is about a chance for 1 shot at a marlin for every 4 days on the water. Please note “a shot” at a marlin only means a marlin in the trolling spread, and does not necessarily translate to a hooked fish.
And, the catch and release fishing club Tournament Anglers Association have come back again. They have 15 pangas booked for their 4 day IGFA sanctioned sailfish tournament staring this next week, which is great for the local captains, but if you have waited until the last minute to get a decent panga for your fishing, it may remind you to book earlier next year.
Please remember, if you have to settle for one of the lesser known pangas, if they kill a billfish, it was probably intentional….. and NO TIP
Note: Another way to tell if a fish is going to be killed intentionally is when the club is in the hand, or in a position nearby, before the leader is grabbed is a Hell of an indication.
The inshore is picking up, and the long awaited roosters are finally beginning to show, after finally being pushed down by the colder water up north. The warm water lingered a bit longer this year up north, due to the El Niño conditions. With his French clients, Adolfo on the panga Dos Hermanos, has been fishing both north and south out of Zihuatanejo Bay. He is getting roosters most every day, and lots of large jack crevalle. Plus, there are dorado and lots of large sierras to be taken also.
On Thursday I shore fished (using spinning rods) with Mario Depiero of Portland, OR. We left at 6 am and were at Playa Linda before grey light. After it starting getting light, we found no bait, birds, or action. Then we headed to Barra Potosi, traveling along the coastal dirt road of Play Blanca, with our eyes always to the shoreline. After a while at the Barra, with no bait, birds or action, we went to La Barrita… Ditto. We had a great lunch of fish tacos in Puerto Vicente Guerrero, and went back to La Barrita, then again to the Barra. It was a great day, and the fishing was decent, just the catching part kind of sucked.
Ed Kunze                                                                          

 (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)


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