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Z Fish Report (1/8/15)

Sherri Brillion with her first sailfish
The surface temperature has warmed up a bit this week to 85°, but the water is not a deep blue. It is “clean”, but there is just a tad bit of discoloration, on out 30 miles to the 1,000 fathom curve, which pushed the majority of the game fish further than usual for this time of the year.
Martin's son Ulysses holding Wade's fly
 caught fish 

The offshore action is still averaging about 2 to 3 hooked sailfish a day, with at least 4 to 5 raised to the spread. Dorado, have shown up a again in decent numbers, with most every boat scoring on one or two. Most of the action is from the 20 to 25 mile mark.  

Early in the week, Wade and Sherri Brillion of Calgary fished with Martin on the panga Spuma. They caught 3 sailfish with one of them taken by Wade with his Winston 12wt fly rod. He emailed me :  My first sailfish on the fly. Great fight with lots of airtime. Released cleanly.

Below - There is an interesting story behind this sailfish being hung for a photo. Nick Hamadanchi emailed it to me this week. He was 16 in 1998 when he fished with Cheva and got his first sailfish. This was the year I moved here and every captain was killing sailfish. He then fished with me in 2006, and was surprised our captain was Cheva again. Now, he has emailed me and he is booked with Cheva in a couple of weeks.  

Blast from the past - 1998
Exactly like the last two weeks, the inshore is still slow for roosterfish, with the most action coming from black skipjack, jack crevalle, and sierras. However, dorado are also quite abundant, with most boats scoring on a couple.

Noe (left) and Bruce
On Tuesday Bruce Oines of Phoenix, AZ and Tim Leonard of MN fished on the panga Porpy with Noe. Bruce emailed me this: Noe netted our bait prior to leaving the harbor.........great live bait which, I am sure, makes a difference. We caught 4 nice dorado (missed 1 big one!). 3 huge sierras (1 at 9lbs and 2 around 8lbs.....also missed a nice one). 2 black skipjack, 1 chula......and Tim missed a large Jack Crevelle. Noe was a great captain and fishing guide. I would highly recommend him.

Noe and Tim
Upon our return, we stopped by Lety's restaurant and made arrangements for her to prepare our dorado 4 ways (ceviche, stuffed w/seafood, grilled w/garlic butter and Mexican style). We enjoyed dinner with our wives and all 4 styles were excellent!

Ed Kunze                                                                          

 (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)


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