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Z Fish Report (4/30/15)

Gary Grey played some football this week (football size that is) - This one
was the largest
Offshore Unfortunately, with favorable conditions, the 32nd annual 3 day sailfish tournament starts tomorrow. It is a kill tournament with major prizes for the top 3 sailfish and the best marlin and dorado. I certainly wouldn't mind getting a nice dorado, killing it, winning a brand new pickup or car, and then take it home and eat it. But, with the bill fish, it is another matter. This tournament should had gone by the way of the dinosaurs years ago.
Gary's sailfish
Gary and Connie Grey of Hillsboro Oregon and fishing partners Dave and Marilyn Owen of Ferndale, Washington fished with Alexandro Vargas. Dave and Connie each got a sailfish, Marilyn's huge sailfish was almost 100 pounds, and Dave got a 250 pound blue marlin. That is good fishing.
Connie Grey's sailfish
Gary then took a long day and went out for yellowfin tuna with Noe on the panga Porpy. And, they found them. They weren't big, but he got 10.
 The inshore is still the best bet for action here with a lot of sierra, jack crevalle, and black skipjack. The conditions are favorable for the roosters to make their return at any time, with Adolfo catching 4 nice roosters off Pantla beach today (Thursday).
And, the beach from Playa Blanca on down to Barra Potosi has been seeing a lot of shore action on some huge jack crevalle and large sierras. Early morning and late afternoon are both producing, with the barra being the most consistent. There are lots of birds and bait. Just watch for the birds to get in on the action.
Ed Kunze                                                                         

 (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)


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