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Z Fish Report (5/7/15)

The big story this week were the waves. Huge waves hit this coast starting Sunday. They were caused from a large storm off New Zealand. I have never seen sand and debris on top of the pier where the waves hit the breakwater alongside the Port Captain’s office, but I saw it Monday morning. 

And, from the lower platform, before the steps down to get into the pangas, my ankles were underwater, while trying to help a panga unload, as swells washed over the platform. The waves on our local coast were about 5 to 7 meters (16 to 23 feet). The Port Captain closed the port for two days.

I also read in the paper today they may shut the pier down (again) due to the damage.

And, a current off the coast of Chile appears to bringing us another set of huge waves. They should arrive this next Tuesday, the 12th.  
Offshore –This last weekend was the 32nd annual sailfish tournament, with about 135 boats participating. Talking to the captains, they said they all caught and average of 2 or 3 sailfish a day, but all were too small. But then, even the top sailfish was under 37 kilos (less than 73 pounds). Just a short five years ago it would have taken a 50 kilo fish to win it, and there was a 30 kilo minimum to help “conservation”.  Soon, 30 kilos will win the thing, and that should tell somebody something.
One bright spot is a lot of blue marlin are showing up. May is traditionally the best month for marlin, and it is looking like this May will uphold that tradition.
The inshore is still the best bet for action here with a lot of sierra, jack crevalle, and black skipjack. When the inshore beaches clear up from the beating they are taking from the high waves, the roosters should be the inshore targeted species, from now through December.
Ed Kunze                                                                         
 (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)

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