viernes, 15 de mayo de 2015

Z Fish Report (5/15/15)

The blue water remains a short boat ride out of Zihuatanejo Bay, with an average surface temperature, on out to the 1,000 fathom line, of about 87 degrees. At 30 miles and beyond the 1,000 fathom line, it is about 4 degrees less. This is unusually warms for May and is possibly a ligering affect of the El Nino of this last summer.
Plus, due to high waves, we did have another couple of port closures this week. However, this was mostly a nervouse precaution, as the waves weren't nearly as large as last week. Things are back to normal now.
Offshore – The boats are averaging about 5 raised sailfish, and 2-3 hooked per day each. And, with the warmer water, the dorado are making another showing. Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II fished with Brad Troyen for 3 sailfish and 3 nice dorado in two days of fishing.
The blue marlin bite is holding up well, but mostly in the cooler water beyond the 1,000 fathom line. Basically, 3 days on the waterand you should get your blue.
The inshore is still the best bet for action here with a lot of sierra, jack crevalle, and black skipjack. The roosters are showing up again and Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos reporting several were caught.
And, mixed in with the black skipjack, smaller sized dorado are being taken. They are a lot of fun on light spin gear or the fly rod.
Ed Kunze
(Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)

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