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Z Fish Report (12/17/15)

On the panga Dos Hermanos with Adofo
With the blue water on the beach, the surface temperature is 85 degrees, all up and down the coast, and out to 60 miles.

Offshore – The sailfish and dorado action still hasn’t picked up like expected, with the boats averaging a sailfish or two a day, and maybe a dorado.  
Lots of roosters and many more jack crevalle
The Inshore exploded Tuesday, and has been going strong ever since. Roosterfish and large jack crevalle are coming to the boats in number. And, some of the roosters are huge. The action is all up and down the coast.
Bo is getting a variety from the beach with this grouper
Adolfo (panga Dos Hermanos) has been working the Pantla beach area with French client Misseri jean Pierre for several large roosters each day. Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II got 5 nice roosters to 40 pounds, and 18 jack crevalle between 15 and 18 pounds on spin gear and live bait down near Valentine today (Thursday).
Bo jensen
Fly fishing client Greg Corrado of the Seattle and fishing partner Dave of Portland fished down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero with Mark Denison of La Barrita. It was Dave’s 1st rooster experience, and 1st with the fly rod in salt water too. Needless to say, with Dave getting most of the shots from the bow, and about 30 roosters raised to the boat, the day was a learning curve for Dave. They are going back tomorrow, and hopefully a better story when they return.
Another rooster for Bo with Alexandro holding
Bo Jensen of Denmark is staying at Mark Dennison’s fishing lodge down at La Barrita and doing well with one of the best surf fishing locations on the coast. He also grabs a panga for a couple hours a day and is getting roosters.  

This is what Mark emailed me this afternoon (Thursday):  I Lost a nice rooster today on the beach. Bo said he saw about twenty of them today while I was in Petalan. They were all between 10 and 30 pounds nothing huge, but nice. We had a ton of fish in the morning and caught several jacks around 5 pounds. Huge schools of smaller ones boiling. Strange that there were only a few birds. The sardines seamed to be mixed species and there are some around 4-5 inches among them. 

Actually, I do not think it was strarnge there were few birds. The action is all up and down the coast, and the birds are getting strung out. 
Ed Kunze                                                                         
 (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)


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