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Z Fish Report (12/24/15)

Bo, with a nice rooster from Puerto Vicente Guerrero. Note the tag.
Merry Christmas Everybody! Remember the reason you are working hard all year is so you can have a great Christmas, and preferably in a hammock under a palm thatch palapa in the tropics, after a great day of fishing.

Two notable things are happening this week. The repair work on the Municipal Pier was actually completed when they said it would be. The inauguration was yesterday, and is now open again.
The second notable thing actually started on Tuesday of last week when the roosterfish and jack crevalle action exploded all up and down the coast, and has been continuing every day since. I believe the reason for the action is the water is finally starting to cool a bit up north from the El Niño, and the migrating roosters are finally starting to make their way down. We have the warm water and the bait to keep them here for a long time.
Greg, on the left, and Bo with two nice jacks that took away the lures from the
two huge roosters. Two rods, 4 releases.
Offshore – Like last week, the sailfish and dorado action still hasn’t picked up like expected, with the boats averaging a sailfish or two a day, and maybe a dorado.  
The Inshore action is incredible. More than one angler is getting an experience of a lifetime, and some of these people, besides being excellent anglers, are veterans to these waters.
Greg with another nice jack
 Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II got 5 nice roosters to 40 pounds, and 41 jack crevalle between 15 and 18 pounds on spin gear and live bait down near Valentine On Tuesday. Imagine how tired those anglers were. Without a net or dynamite, 41 large jack crevalle is almost unheard of.
Dave with his 1st rooster on the fly rod.
Fly fishing client Greg Corrado of the Seattle and fishing partner Dave of Portland fished down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero with Mark Denison of La Barrita, and Dave finally got his rooster. Naturally, it was the smallest of the 5 roosters following the hookless teaser, but he is now on the board.  
Greg Corrado joined Bo Jensen of Denmark by staying a couple of days down at Mark Dennison’s fishing lodge at La Barrita and fished a day with Mark and Bo in Puerto San Vicente. They had an excellent day of fun and excitement. This is what Mark emailed me:
It was a crazy afternoon. We had a double header with huge Roosters, which turned into a double header with huge jack crevalle. The jacks were chasing the hooked roosters, and trying to get the lures hanging out of the corner of the rooster’s mouths by actually ramming the roosters in the head. Both roosters came unbuttoned and were replaced by the jacks...immediately|! We caught and tagged one nice rooster. And caught several nice sized jacks. Oh and one sierra. 

Adolfo (panga Dos Hermanos) has been fishing with French client Misseri jean Pierre and his wife Dominique every day for the last two weeks. Below is a small sample of their story:
 Ed Kunze                                                                        

 (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)

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