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Z Fish Report (2/18/16)

Kaila Roeschlein of Minn. with a sailfish on the
panga Dos Hermanos II
The 84° blue water is still out to the 100 fathom line and about 5-6 miles off the beach.
Offshore.. The fishing picked up again another notch this week. The boats are averaging about 2 hooked sailfish a day and raising 4 to the spread. Jesus (Hay-soos), on the panga Princess Mercy (the 3rd Dos Hermanos boat), raised 3 and caught 3 sailfish yesterday (Wednesday) with all fish coming in the 7 to 8 mile areas.
Cindy Orem's blue marlin on the cruiser Aqua Azul
 On the pier this morning, Jesus also told me he saw large yellowfin tuna breaking at 8 miles when he was on his way back in, but didn’t try for them because he only had spin outfits for sailfish on the boat. This confirms what Noe on the panga Porpy told me when he said he was going for tuna today. He said he saw them at 16 miles around noon.  
Rick Orem's sailfish on the Aqua Azul
Fishing with Mecate on the Aqua Azul, Cindy Orem released a nice blue marlin Tuesday. This is what she emailed me: We had a good day.  I got my first blue and Rick and Bobby each got one sail a piece.  We had a few missed strikes also, bummer. They are from Portland, Texas.
Above and below Dan and Kaila Roeschlein of MN
Drake, Dakota, and Chloe 

And, Arturo on the panga Janeth lost a huge blue after a 3 hour fight, and a large black marlin came to the dock yesterday.
Above and below: Cheva holding Brian's
large snook, and Brian with his nice rooster

Inshore action for roosters and jack crevalle has slowed down a bit, but should pick up again as the captains are starting to search other areas now.
Above and below: Brad Adasms and Mark Arkills of Oregon
fished a day with Adolfo on the panga Dos Hermanos

Brian Hetland of North Dakota fished with Cheva taking a huge snook out in front of the river mouth at Valentine (Val-en-teen) on live bait, and then got a 40 pound plus roosterfish.
Mark Denison's guest at his La Barrita fishing lodge Terie
 Marion with a small rooster caught in front of Los Salinas
Mark Denison, at his fishing lodge down at La Barrita, emailed me this: Tons of bait fish Ed. Flying fish everywhere.  Small sierra everywhere. Trolling a minnow and it was hit a dozen times.  Even the divers say that there's small fish everywhere but nothing of any size.
Ed Kunze                                                                         

 (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)

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