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Z Fish Report (2/18/16)

Dave Cribb from Ottawa Ontario Canada and Terry Kelsey fished a day
with Adolfo on the panga Dos Hermanos for 3 roosters
The 84° blue water is back on the shoreline, and with the full moon period this week, both contributed to good and poor fishing.

Offshore.. The sailfish action was affected the most by the full moon, with only about 1 hooked fish a day per boat. Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos got his token sailfish, plus a nice blue marlin of about 200 pounds.
There was also a few pangas getting into the 20 pound plus yellowfin tuna which are more active during the full moon.
Greg Wenner and Scott Hollencamp of Minn. with a couple of nice pampano
 while fishing with Jesus on the panga Princess Mercy
Brian with his 5 foot long and 35# log

Nighttime Barracuda Fishing: Brian Hetland of North Dakota took advantage of the unseasonable warm water and fished the full moon for barracuda this week. Fishing with Chico on the panga Llamarada, they only spent a few hours, because Chico had clients for the next morning. But, they managed a couple of the excellent eating barracuda.
Talking to Brian on the pier this morning (Thursday) he was telling me he was leaving later this week to go back home. He stays here for about three months of the year because his definition of top water fishing is not sitting on a shelf of ice about 2 feet thick.
He told me, because of the El Niño, his numbers of caught fish were down from years past, but he had some quality fishing and added a couple of new species on the spin rod he had been wanting. With the spin rod he got several sailfish and another huge rooster again, plus he added a yellowfin tuna, and a large snook. And, with conventional gear he added a blue marlin and the log barracuda of just a couple of nights ago. Once again he has had a great winter.
Inshore: The gin clear water on the beach has really been hurting the roosterfish and jack crevalle action. They have mostly been taken out away from the shore line on a slowed trolled live bait.
Above and below: Jason Ayling with Jesus on the Princess Mercy. Jason flew
down from Calgary yesterday, will fish two days for roosters, and then back
 home on Saturday. With two roosters today, it is paying off.

Mark Denison, who has a fishing lodge down at La Barrita was telling me how a migrating school of roosters came through was so big you could see a dozen of them on the face of the waves as it broke. For about 15 minutes they were feeding on the abundant bait there at La Barrita, until a pod of bufeyos (false killer whales) moved in and started feeding on the roosters. It was an awesome sight the porpoise looking whales made chasing the huge roosters on the top of the wave, and in another 15 minutes it was over. Not a rooster or bufeyo in sight.
Ed Kunze                                                                         
 (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)



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