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Z Fish Report (3/3/16)

Photo from the panga Dos Hermanos with Adolfo
Offshore (average) surface water temperature - Includes from the 5-6 mile mark at the 100 fathom line, on out to about 50 miles with the 1,000 fathom line being at 32 miles: 84°
Inshore (average) surface temperature. From the beach to about 5 miles: 83°
The blue water is still on the beach, with a little discoloration in front of Ixtapa to Zihuatanejo.  
Bruce with Cheva
Offshore. The sailfish action is still generally slow. The boats are hooking about a sailfish per day per boat. One notable catch was made by Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos with a 3 sailfish day, and 5 raised to the boat. He was fishing with Joe (of Sacramento, CA) and Paul (of Portland, OR) Navari.
Joe with Cheva with another of the 3 sails released that day
Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, fished a day in the blue water releasing a sailfish and hooking a spectacular black marlin. Several blues have been hooked this week, with an average of a shot of getting one for every three days on the water. It would be even better odds if you were targeting them, and not the bread and butter sailfish.
Another great shot
One of the reasons the big marlin are here is because the yellowfin tuna are still around. Talking to Noe on the pier, he told me they have moved out a bit to the 20 mile mark, but there are quite a few of them on out to 45 miles. It may be worth thinking about going after them, plus the blue marlin are there.
There are very few dorado.
Above and below: Loell Ernst of Texas and Mitch Baker of Texas
with his first rooster.

Inshore: The gin clear water on the beach has really been hurting the roosterfish and jack crevalle action. They have mostly been taken out away from the shore line on a slowed trolled live bait, with some coming on the surface poppers.
Joe with a needlefish. Their name is not derived from the configuration
of their body, rather the sharpness of the incredible set of dentures.
Jason Ayling wrapped up his two days of fishing, and two days of travel time, with a total of 5 nice roosters with Jesus and Adolfo. He is now back in Calgary. He averaged a nice sized rooster day from the time he stepped out his snow covered house, from several thousand miles away, until be stepped back into his house. Not bad.
Ed Kunze                                                                         

 (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)

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