jueves, 31 de agosto de 2017

Z Fish Report (8/31/17)

Fishing with Adolfo last week, before the rains came.
Sorry I haven’t done a report for the last couple of weeks. There are few people fishing, and it was a great time for me to visit my 92 year old mom for a week in California. She is a remarkable woman and is still driving, with a valid license for 3 more years (kind of spooky).
This week, after returning, we have had a lot of rain, but not serious stuff, and minimal wind. The port has been closed for a few days due to tropical storm Lidia, which formed out in front of us, and is now hitting Cabo San Lucas (heh, heh). 

 Offshore (average) surface water temperature - Includes from the 5-6 mile mark at the 100 fathom line, then to the 1,000 fathom line being at 32 miles: 82°.
Inshore (average) surface temperature. From the beach to about 5 miles: 80°
Note: The lower sea temperatures this week are due to the amount of rainfall, and the cooler fresh water floats on the surface of salt water.  
Blue water: (Chlorophyll amounts and surface temps from Terrafin SST) Blue water from the beach to way out. There are still a few isolated inshore areas with discolored water, but mostly at the river mouths.
Offshore- Last week Cheva hooked a 260 pound blue marlin for his clients. There were a few sailfish, but the dorado are scarce. Then Cheva did a switch, and fished my favorite spot off the White Rocks (the first 5 foot high pinnacle closest to Zihuatanejo). He told me he was taking 20 pound yellowfin tuna by fly lining a live bait on a spin rod. I was not surprised as I had done it many times before.  
Inshore: Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, told me last week he was still getting roosters and jack crevalle, but did not fish this week.
Ed Kunze                                                                            

 (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)

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  1. This was such a nice come back. I've been wanting to catch such a huge fish. You just inspired me to go fishing again.

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